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H2O Blog Tour: Why do you feel you had to tell this story?

Post No. 6: Hosted by Lynda at Between the Pages

On this tour, I’ve discovered . . . that although I usually seem to end up writing stories with comedy, I go all serious the second anyone asks a question.

Writer and artist Lynda Coker asked, Why do you feel you had to tell this story? . . . but if my answer troubles you as much as writing H2O troubled me, take a break by looking at Lynda’s lovely textile art. It’s gorgeous!

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H2O Blog Tour: The writing of H2O

Post No. 5: Hosted by Stephanie at A Dream Within A Dream

Aha! Stephanie isn’t just studying for an MA in English, she’s got plans to write too . . . so that explains why she asked questions about the writing process for H2O – and whether I had any tips for aspiring authors . . . if you read my answers, you might think the main tip should have been to DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST.

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H2O Blog Tour: Extreme embarrassment

Post No. 4: Hosted by Dayla at Confessions of a Book Addict

Dayla’s blog comes with a warning: ‘Do not follow if you can’t take the truth about books.’ Ulp.

My agent, Louise Lamont, wrote this post. She said some very nice things about me that are too embarrassing to repeat (apparently I make her sick – in a good way!) . . .  but I loved what she had to say about ‘the incomparable Ruby Morris’,  heroine of H2O . . .

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H2O Blog Tour: The toughest question ever?

Post No. 3: Hosted by Erin at The Book Nut

Erin made me think.  She asked what I suspect could be the toughest question anyone who writes could ever be asked:

What are ten things you’ve learned about yourself through writing?

(I came over all serious . . .)

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H2O Blog Tour: Questions and cupcakes!

Post No. 2: Hosted by Aeicha at Word Spelunking

Thanks to Aeicha, this is my FIRST EVER blog Q&A! She asked some pretty tricky questions, such as which of the 327 pages in H2O is my favourite, but the trickiest question of all?

‘If you were to create and bake a cupcake inspired by H2O, what would it look and taste like, and what would you call it?’

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H2O Blog Tour: Hello readers . . .

Post No. 1: Hosted by Louisa at Words I Write Crazy!

The thing is, Louisa also reads crazy: she’s got a collection of 7,000 books . . . so there couldn’t be a better place to start this blog tour – with a guest post all about READERS.

(I went a bit shy. It was hard to know where to start.)

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YALC is coming!!!! 12/13th July! It’s at the London Film and Comic Con and it’s the UK’s first ever YA Literature Convention, curated by the fantastic Waterstones Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman and organised by the also-very-fantastic Booktrust. There’s an amazing line-up of YA authors (Rainbow Rowell, Sally Green, Charlie Higson, Holly Smale, Derek Landy, Frances Hardinge – too many to name!), but for a newbie author like me it should be a brilliant opportunity to MEET SOME READERS. I can’t wait!

The Rain is at Maximum Pop!

THE RAIN is at Maximum Pop! Reviews requested from MP! followers for their July Book Club. That means my book gets to be on a website with One Direction, The Vamps, Little Mix, Union J and Elyar Fox – which sort of means I get to be on a website with One Direction, The Vamps, Little Mix, Union J and Elyar Fox, doesn’t it?! Err . . . doesn’t it?

Win things?!

Until 31st August, My Kinda Book is offering the chance to win The Rain festival survival kit: a The Rain poncho, waterproof mascara, £50 itunes vouchers to create the perfect festival playlist AND bespoke The Rain Converse designed by Canvas Warriors. I have generously offered to swap an old pair of steel-toe-cap boots with the lucky winner.