Back to school

On Thursday 26th February, I went back to school.

MY school: Fitzharrys School, Abingdon.

Thank you so much to Mark at Mostly Books in Abingdon for this interview.


I had . . .  such an amazing visit. Within moments, I forgot this had been ‘my’ school and just focused on engaging with ‘the audience’. It wasn’t hard to do . . . because this was a great audience. Thank you all so much!

(And in particular, the two young writers I met – and the readers, and the librarian – thank you!)

So much had changed . . .  but . . . the buildings hadn’t. Here’s me, laughing my head off outside what was the girls’ toilets:

Fitz hang out (2)

We used to ‘congregate’ in there. It annoyed the teachers. A lot.