Bath Kids Lit Fest

It happened – and it’s still happening, until Sunday 4th October. Go see the website: Bath Kids Lit Fest

I went early on Saturday night to hear Patrick (ooo I like his writing so much!) Ness, and stayed late on Sunday to hear Hayley Long and James Dawson talk Girl and Boy with secret ‘ask anything you like’ questions from the audience, and in between . . .

Festival director Gill McLay chaired a conversation with writers Sarah Benwell, Sarah Crossan and . . . me.

Bath panel

I read the ‘panda in the mirror’ scene from The Storm.

Bath reading

And . . . it was the first time I’ve done an event when I haven’t been completely sick with nerves. I was just averagely sick with nerves. (RESULT!)

For why? Because it was a smaller audience (about 100!) and because it was SO interesting. As always, audience questions were the best, from ‘Did you have to do a lot of research?’ to ‘Do you self-censor?’ . . . and I had one I particularly loved about ‘What will Ruby do when make-up runs out?’

The answer turned out to be as complicated as I think Ruby is! (And I asked a question back: ‘Do readers and writers want characters to be role models?’)


Bath. My first lit fest. Huge thanks to everyone who came along!

(And special thanks to Luna for mid-reading pic!)