Come to YALC!

Err . . . please?! It’s not just because I’m selfishly hoping for some home support, it’s because you will have a great time. OH-YES-YOU-WILL!

The UK’s second ever Young Adult Literature Convention takes place at Olympia, London, 17-19th July 2015, organised by the brilliant Book Trust and cunningly twinned with the fabulous London Film and Comic Con. (Just search ‘LFCC cosplay’ images and you’ll see what I mean . . . it’s a hoot-and-a-half.)

I’m in on the Friday for Apocalypse now: new directions in dystopia (3.30-4.15pm): “Five authors who have put their own distinctive spin on the genre come together to discuss what apocalypse looks like now – and where it might be headed to next. Book Trust’s Gemma Malley will be talking to Virginia Bergin, Francesca Haig, Marie Rutkoski, Teri Terry and Moira Young.”

Signing books after that, then I’ll be back on Saturday (4:00-5:00pm) for an Agents’ Arena discussion with Molly Ker Hawn (The Bent Agency) and authors CJ Daugherty and Marie Rutkoski about getting published in the UK and the US.

Come to YALC!

You’ll love it! I’ll love it! Um . . . are we going to dress up?

YALC tough guys