First award – ever!

Every Person The Best They Can Be

That’s the motto of Steyning Grammar School. On Tuesday 23rd June, I visited the school to talk about The Rain and The Storm. The gig was supported by the fabulous Steyning Bookshop as part of Independent Booksellers Week.

There, that’s the factual bit for you.

What happened was . . . so the audience was fantastic. Usual pause at the start of the Q&A when you think no one’s going to ask a thing, and then . . .  SO MANY QUESTIONS! Steyning students? Smart, imaginative, funny. (Banter.)

Then I ended up spending hours at the bookshop . . .

Steyning bookshop


I knew The Rain was up for Steyning’s Brilliant Books Prize. Didn’t think about it winning, just sad I couldn’t be there for the awards ceremony because I’d promised to be somewhere else . . .


Half my family lives in Sussex. They’re made up. I’m made up. First award – ever! Thank you, Steyning.

Every Person The Best They Can Be