How are you doing?

Me, I think I’ve run out of things to say . . .


Gone lockdown mute here. Brain fog. Low motivation, low interest . . . in anything, really.

Have started and then stalled on at least three books since last March. I feel like all my thoughts are being drowned out by the permanent shout of world news. I just can’t seem to focus, to find and have faith in a story to tell . . .

I am lucky. I know that. I’m not front line. I don’t have kids to home school. I haven’t lost my job. The scale of the suffering and death in the world is overwhelming – but I haven’t had to deal with a death among my immediate family and friends.

All I’ve got to do is get up and write. And I’m not managing to do it. It does not feel good.

Big shout out to everyone who is dealing with much bigger problems right now. Big shout out – and big love . . . most especially to the teens and teachers I’ve met over the past few years.

Hang on in there, friends –