Blog Tour! Day Three! Ireland!

Oh . . . Natalie Cleary! I am in awe of anyone who can raise kids – and read – and blog! How?! How do you you do that?! (Serious question . . .)

I feel like I’m coming home; two grandparents were Dubliners: a Murphy and a  Bergin – left for Liverpool, in the days when migrants could just do that . . . their brothers and sisters went to the U.S.A.

Before I get all emotional  – oh no! I’m going to get even more emotional . . . because next up on the Blog Tour stage, it’s: Rachel Petty, my editor at Macmillan.


Picture the scene: I have no idea about what’s going on, or how to behave (I am completely overwhelmed); first thing that happens . . . I get handed a gift. OK, so I unwrap it . . .

Arg! Imagine your worst birthday ever . . . everyone is watching as you unwrap . . . WHAT IS THIS?!

I didn’t get it.

And then I did. It was the whole story – in a glass bubble of water. Perfect.