Lancashire Book of the Year

Never been to an awards ceremony before – and the Lancashire Book of the Year is a whole lot more than just a ceremony.

It’s TWO DAYS of events: meeting young people from schools all over Lancashire at UCLAN; dinner at the Museum of Lancashire with former LBOY judges, and facilitators and supporters of the award –┬áincluding LBOY Chair Jake Hope and the Chair of the County Council! – and . . . finally . . .

At the ceremony itself, on Saturday 27th June, the teen judges sat in the council chamber and . . . judged.


Huge congratulations to Sarah Mussi, who won with Riot.

Huge hello’s to the other authors I got to meet – Louise O’Neill, Laura Jarratt and Alan Gibbons.

And . . .

Huge THANK YOU’s to the teens of Lancashire – The Rain made second place! THANK YOU!!!! XXXXXXX!!!!


Lancs Book of Year Rain