Gasp! Along with other writers and illustrators, I left my keyboard . . . to meet LIBRARIANS!

Usually, the only time I get to speak to a librarian is when I’m standing in a library going, ‘Excuse me, but I was wondering . . . could you help me with . . .’


So, thanks to the incredible Reading Agency for organising the Childrens’ Reading Partnership roadshow at the wonderful Hive in Worcester. Thanks to Kat McKenna from PanMacmillan’s My Kinda Book for keeping me calm (I’m shy! Really!) and not letting me go on too much when I discovered I have a lot to say about The Rain . . .

And, above all, thanks to the LIBRARIANS . . . from schools, from public libraries . . . from Lincolnshire, from Birmingham, from Warwickshire,  from Worcester itself – and from Staffordshire. (Got all weepy about Staffordshire; heard there’s young people there like this book . . . gotta come and see you!)

Apologising immediately if I’ve missed anyone out; I’ve never done an event like that before, so . . . well – it was amazing!

As is The Hive  . . . Europe’s first joint university and public library! Pics:

Hive cell Hive Interior Hive exterior