Questions for readers

Sort of  . . . I wrote a Discussion Guide for H2O/The Rain . . . I wrote it in a hurry, so I don’t think it covers everything . . .

Plenty of questions I’d like to add – eg about whether you think this story also reflects any biological or medical issues we face . . . or how you feel about Ruby – ahem – ‘taking’ clothes/make-up during an apocalypse . . . why do you think she does that? Just because she can?

I don’t have answers. (Although I suppose I did have some intentions!) These questions are just based on things I was thinking about when I wrote this story . . .

So, here they are:

H2O -Discussion Guide


ps On Q10 The Rain readers could substitute ‘The Rain’ for ‘H20’ – so, ‘Why do you think this book is called The Rain? (And not Water, for example.)’ I think that still works.