Rain auf Deutsch!

Published today by Fischer: RAIN – Das tödlich Element (Rain – The deadly element), translated by Rainer Schmidt.


It is so amazing to see The Rain translated – even if my German is so terrible I can’t understand much of it. I did learn some German in school, but I learned a whole lot more when I went to Salzburg to be an au-pair. I was 19, and I lasted a month before I ran away to Stuttgart because I’d fallen in love with a German boy . . . oops.

He was studying, so I got to visit him in Tübingen, and then in Berlin – before and after the wall came down . . . what an amazing city.

Himalayan expeditionBerlin

Ha! I just got a magnifying glass to read the sign I’m holding – it says ‘Himalayan Expedition 1989’. (Travelling light, huh? And check out those authentic 80’s trousers!)