The Storm is coming . . .

UK publication date: 26th February 2015!

Thanks again to that lovely lot at Maximum Pop! for zapping out an exclusive cover reveal right here. (Click link to view!)

If you’d like a peek at what’s inside, Macmillan’s My Kinda Book have posted a l’il extract . . . but trust me, Ruby’s panda eyes are going to be the least of her problems. Share her misery here! (Click link to view.)

For anyone who has already read The Rain/H20, the question you might want to ask yourself is, WHAT’S SASKIA DOING THERE?! Why would anyone want to leave a place of safety during an apocalypse . . . ?!

In The Storm, Ruby finds out answers to questions she never even dreamed she’d be asking . . . ‘The end of the world was just the beginning.’

Lightning Max Pop