Survival videos

How scary are these?!

If you want to survive the killer rain, watch these tips from UK book bloggers . . . erm, except you might have to remember these are BOOK bloggers . . . so books – and bookshelves! – are so going to be the most important things!

Here’s the full collection of survival vids on My Kinda Book.

Good luck! Vx


My votes, in no particular order:

Most informative and helpful: Cold Tea and Crumbs!

Most cinematic and coolly stylish: Sarah Churchill!

Most personal and practical: Where is Wallis?!

Most comforting – and I love your hair: Charley Reads!

Most fashionable and gin-ish: Rosianna Halse Rojas!

Most dramatic (sooo dramatic!):  Benjamin of Tomes!

Most bookish (sooo bookish!): Casey!


How much do I love this films? I love them a lot . . . !