Who Runs the World?

Here it is: the final cover of the final version.

Yup, after a whole lot of tinkering – including a massive re-write of the last few chapters and a substantial refining (AKA serious hacking and tweaking) of the rest . . . ’tis done.

It was a daunting mind-melt of a task, to imagine how a ‘bio-born’ girl who had never met a ‘bio-born’ boy before would respond – let alone what bigger story their experiences would tell . . . and I’m going to be very interested indeed to hear what readers think . . .

Who Runs the World? is out June 1st 2017 in the UK. (Pre-order link? Here.)


Meantime? Website overhaul happening . . . and – despite having been so quiet for so long – after about 19 months of trying to figure out River’s tale, I think I might try to take a little break before her story is published. (I find it hard to read novels when I am writing – so I am desperate to do some reading.)